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Daily Panchang

Panchanga follows traditional Indian cosmology, and presents important auspicious dates and times which are determined by the planetary positions within the zodiac. 

Panchangam are the five elements of vaaram, tithi, nakshatram, yogam, karanam combined together to indicate the auspicious times of the day, auspicious days of the month and beyond.

Vaaram in panchangam

Vaaram is the individual day of the week, Monday through Sunday. Each day is good for a certain activity, since each day is ruled by a certain planet. The character of the planet indicates the activities it is good for. The horai of the day also plays a part in defining activities that are suited for certain horais of the day.

Tithi in Panchangam

Tithi one of fourteen parts in the waxing and waning phase of the moon. Sunday Ashtami, Monday Navami, Tuesday Sashti, Wednesday Tritiya, Thursday Ekadasi, Friday Tryodasi, Saturday Chaturdasi are Tithis that are considered auspicious tithis.

Nakshtram in Panchangam

Nakshatram is one of the 27 nakshatras in the zodiac, starting with Aswini, Bharani, Karthigai, Rohini and ending with Revathi.

Yogam in Panchangam

Amirtha, Siddha and Marana yogam are very common yogams. The quality and result of the yogams are indicated on the stars or nakshatrams that fall on any day. It is generally believed that the nakshatrams Bharani, Punarpoosam, Pooram, Swati, Pooradam, Uthirattadhi are good.

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