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Marriage & Children

Mairrage date, in ones life, is the most important thing which determines the luck of the couple in the following years to come. 

There are several rules to find the best day of mairrage or Muhurat. Indian Vedic Astrology is the most mature among all the astrological prediction in world. This is very complex as well.

Marriage is a sacred institution and given much importance in the Hindu culture. As it is considered to be an essential function of our culture, future predictions regarding a couples marriage is given equal importance. Individuals can seek the following answers regarding their matrimony - 

  • What will your life partner look like? 
  • When will the marriage take place?
  • Will your spouse be your soul mate? 
  •  At what age will you be married?
  • Will it be a love or arranged marriage?
  • Manglik consideration
  • Overview of married life 

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