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Talk to Astrologer

Solve your problems by speaking live with expert astrologers and get the effective solutions.

Instant Access!
No appointment, No waiting. Talk to our astrologers in just 2 minutes.

Worldwide Calling!
Call from any location of the world via your mobile phone, skype and any other voip service.

Multiple Kundali (Birth Charts) and Questions!
Get guidance for yourself and all your loved ones. Ask as many as questions you have in mind.

Privacy Guaranteed!
Unload burdens without any fear, your secrets are 100% safe.

Your Personal Astrologer!
Speak with your preferred astrologer, each time you call.

Astrology Consultations on phone!
More than 3000 customers Talk to our Astrologers every day


₹ 501.00
All inclusive
"multiple use of minutes"
(10% discount on 60 mins)