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Yantra Remedial Astrology. Literally Yantra means an instrument. Sanskrit word Yantra means apparatus. The Yantra is a geometric design which provides you a focusing point for concentration and meditation.

We offer various astrological services to our clients that are based on yantra methods of problem identification. Once the problem is identified, we provide concerned Dosha nivaran remedy as well. Our service is efficiently followed by the fact that any karma good or bad reflects its consequences through the planetary position of solar bodies. We have been able to offer our efficient yantra services to numerous clients across the country.

Basic Segmentation in Yantras :

Spiritual Yantras: They are divine expressions and statures of divine souls which are perceived to be more pious and powerful than the idols of deities upon land.

Astrological Yantras: They are the personification of 9 planets and their Lords which in the words of astrology helps in reducing the malefic effects of planets.  

Architectural Yantras: These have a lot of significance in the formation of temples as they possess a special place there.

Numerical Yantras: These have specifically formed with a special significance of selected combinations of numbers with certain importance of each.

Planets Yantras:

There are certain Yantras for planets which are also perceived to be the same for deities as well for possessing some relations in between or it could be articulated as the relation between spiritual and astrological aspects of them. They are:
  •  Sun - Surya , Gayatri and Vishnu Yantra
  •  Moon - Sri  and Lakshmi Yantra
  •  Mars - Mangala Yantra
  •  Mercury - Vishnu Yantra
  •  Jupiter - Ganesh Yantra
  •  Venus - Sri and Lakshmi Yantra
  •  Saturn - Shri Shanti Yantra 
  •  Rahu - Kali and  Durga Yantra
  •  Ketu - Mahamrityunjaya Yantra

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